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Fast and effective implementation is the guarantee for success

Starting situation

During the economic crisis, cost pressures and the necessity to economise are increasing. At the same time the required investments are postponed and restructuring and economisation concepts are put on hold for cost and liquidity reasons - a vicious circle, which dangerously paralyses the economic sustainability of the companies concerned. Everyone is talking about anti-cyclical action - you can actually do it!

You demand

You wish to take advantage of the drive, which the consolidation pressure induces during the crisis to strengthen your market position and at the same time increase your own efficiency. The general awareness of the crisis is the best premise to melt down ‘padding', which has developed historically and which your organisation has possibly become too attached to. You have an intelligent strategy and a powerful concept. Now you want to decide on a financially wise and controllable implementation, without having to take incalculable risks.


We offer

We help you with the selection of the right operating technology and IT according to impact, profitability and implementation period. We support the respective projects with comprehensive project management and lead them to successful conclusion within a short period of time. Hereby we offer you:

  • The creation of detailed project plans and specifications of services (requirement specifications and detailed target specifications).
  • The selection of suitable suppliers through neutral tenders and transparent performance comparison.
  • Execution or support of award negotiations and presentation of a recommendation for the award of contract based on comparable scope of delivery.
  • Drawing up resilient project definitions (internally), contracts for delivery and work and services (externally).
  • Stringent and comprehensible co-ordination and control of all involved internal and external fields of activity.
  • Support with the commercial project handling (approval milestones, payment schedule, cash flow).
  • Presentation of internal and external communication and qualification of the organisational structure.
  • Set-up of a supervision and controlling system with consistent target tracking (performance data, key performance indices, ROI, etc.) and documentation.
  • Support and presentation in the change management of the organisation.
  • Training of operators and executives.