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Ongoing optimisation makes investments effective and your organisation ‘comes of age'

Starting situation

No planning and investment achieves a 100% process capability and reliability from the very first. The ongoing optimisation and fine-tuning of parameters in line with changed conditions is required in every production plant. Whilst neglecting permanent harmonisation, misalignments of once optimised process parameters, increased diversity of variants and signs of fatigue within the organisation will lead to a stealthy decline of productivity and deterioration of cost structure during the period between larger investment projects.

You demand

You demand ‘operational excellence' even in the consolidation phase between the larger investment projects. You expect independent optimisation processes in your organisation, consistent utilisation of the created infrastructure and ongoing development of your processes. Discovering potentials and rapid implementation of measures using own means are intended to make expensive investments superfluous, as long as the existing structure still meets the basic requirements.

We offer

During the phases before and after larger development stages, we design a continuously improving (CIP) organisation through:

  • Adaptation of the performance measurement systems and management tools
  • Implementation of the right incentive and remuneration schemes
  • Checking the sustainability of investments made:

- FMEA analyses and statistical procedures according to the Six Sigma 
- ABC, trend, fluctuation analyses
- Simulations

  • Ongoing auditing and adaptation of your operational and organisational structure:

- MTM studies and ergonomic design of the workplaces
- Requirement, qualification and leadership
- Reliability of quality management