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Your task is not to build the ship but to sail it!

Starting situation

Since the beginning of the ‘lean production offensive', many companies have achieved a high degree of optimisation, in other words ‘operational excellence'. Successful focus on your core competencies is the key factor to generate performance on your market. Organisation and resources have been tightened accordingly. What on the one hand is ideal for the primary establishment of goods and services and the company value, leads on the other to a great strain on the organisation when it comes to managing crucial, substantial change and investment projects. This double burden involves risks for business continuity and supply availability. At the same time, quality and the adherence to schedules are jeopardised during the implementation of projects.

You demand

You have to secure your position in the operational core business. When putting necessary changes into effect or starting up new business segments, you want to achieve lasting substantial results within a short period. Due to your lean organisation, you lack nothing but the resource with the right qualification for goal-orientated and fast implementation. You are desire a one-stop solution.

We offer

We provide comprehensive project management during the implementation of all strategic intents. In addition we offer:

  • Interim management for the operational start-up and the continuation of new business segments and locations
  • Job specification
  • Support with the personnel selection and on-the-job training
  • In- and outsourcing of sub-processes and services
  • Balancing of qualification and requirement profiles of key personnel and for the recruitment of personnel