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Knowing up-front what happens next.

Starting situation

The increasing differentiation of the corporate landscape calls for the integration of value chains and causes an exponential increase in the number of processes and organisational units to be co-ordinated. With one-dimensional, simple spread sheet logic, interdependencies and disruptive factors cannot be analysed satisfactorily. This way unerring planning and parameterisation of production and distribution structures with own means becomes difficult and even impossible.

Simulation of processes and production plants creates the most professional and at the same time fast and low-risk ability to verify the impact of complex and expensive planning and optimise existing plants.

You demand

Your business requires a reliable network at optimal cost. A well-founded review of efficiency and of various future opportunities enables you to make the right decisions and avoid costly malinvestments at any time. Cost and default risk require failure-free operation of new or changed structures from day one of implementation. Your team has the opportunity to learn how to master, to set up and to optimise new processes and plants in a low risk/risk-free ambience.

This is what simulation can accomplish

The professional simulation tool is used for :


In a simulation project complex internal and corporate processes are represented in a virtual computer model. Within the model, all planning and control variables can be specifically changed in scientifically well-founded cause and effect experiments until the optimum operating efficiency has been determined. Efficiency is ascertained using real order and material data. With these the model simulates a virtual but realistic production plant at multiple speed.
Thereby we are able to simulate entire days or weeks of operation within a matter of minutes, systematically change parameters and align the results. This way we review and optimise critical sub-processes or complete, complex plants within a short time and without disturbing your operational business activity. This creates the basis for well-founded solutions and significantly minimises the risk of decisions.

We offer

During the analysis of your processes and the evaluation of planned changes we review where the utilisation of simulation is sensible and required.

  • From strategic planning and the defined performance criteria we derive the demands on the simulation model and the exact question for structured simulation experiments.
  • We take on the project management and assure simulation results, that can be interpreted and utilised.
  • We co-ordinate and support the preparation of your input data.
  • Together with our partner SimPlan we offer products for modelling, conducting the experiments and analysis of the results as a one-stop shop.
  • We collaborate with you) in order to compare the results with your strategic goals and develop approaches to solutions for the real world.
  • We plan the technical execution and take it through to successful implementation.
  • On request we install a viable simulation environment on your premises and qualify your employees to conduct experiments themselves. This enables you to use simulation autonomously in your optimisation intents.
  • We inspect the possible application of real-time simulation as an integral part of your production and resource planning (operating as a virtual control centre). This way you are able to schedule in an optimal way, optimise the job preparation as well as recognise bottleneck and disruptive situations early on and actively prevent them.