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Starting situation

What makes your company the ‘best in class'?

Over time, it is solely your professional and rounded management that guarantees sustained success and the achievement of market leadership. This includes consistent focus on the customer and the current state of business as well as proactive planning and development for the future. Such future-oriented management requires command of (the most) diverse facets and the ability the orchestrate these in an harmonious ensemble.

Where is your company situated?

Are you a full-range provider, a niche/specialist provider or undefined?


As a full-range provider you are able to offer ‘one-stop shopping' to your customers and achieve cost leadership via strategic purchasing and economies of scale of your infrastructure. As a specialist you are able to generate higher prices through unique selling points of your products and services and you can optimise costs via a lean infrastructure. It is more difficult to implement sufficient margins between these poles: An average specialisation and range of products/services - often developed historically - generally neither allows you to become a price leader nor to achieve an optimum cost structure.

What about your products?

Product strategy

Your product line includes goods at variable life cycle stages. To manage stock and resources skilfully and in line with the product life cycles, means bringing the prevailing fast moving consumer goods (cash cows) with high margins to the market. As a result, you can continue to divert energy to the development and marketing of new products. Production and the stock of discontinued products are controlled according to the turnover of the remaining stock. The portfolio is continually and actively adjusted in order to free tied-up capacities as quickly as possible for profitable products.