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We want to define the central theme together with you!

Starting situation

Your company's strategy determines the path you wish to take. The projects, which are required for building this path, are derived from the definition of the strategy. It is important to us to learn how the strategy is anchored in your company and how familiar everyone is with it.

You demand

Your processes are characterised by great dynamics and underlie permanent pressure to change. Yet, or exactly because of this, operational excellence is essential for you, as you wish to surpass your competitors and to achieve customer satisfaction. In strategic terms this means constantly improving costs, cycle time, delivery service, tied capital in inventory and process quality.

Together with you we analyse and determine:

  • Your production: We examine your processes and analyse the degree of automation, the variance of batch sizes, maintenance, provision and disposal processes and your pre-production costs.
  • Your required capacity: We want to know where your value creation is at its peak and at its lowest. Your future investments and flexibility depend on this to a great extent.
  • Cost drivers: Weaknesses in the cost structure with regard to the creation of value are often not recognised. Here internal and external benchmarks shed light and identify the potentials.
  • The complexity in your procurement structure: How broad is the spectrum of your suppliers and what are the parameters for setting up a new supplier? Do you frequently or rarely place orders? This should be based on objective, factual grounds as each supplier and each additional order increase complexity. We will highlight your options for consolidation.
  • Your relative market position: Are you a full-range provider, a niche/specialist provider or undefined? Your current position and your future orientation play an important role in enabling us to make valid statements with regard to the development of the product portfolio and thus of the investment strategy.
  • Your sales structure: We will also analyse your business prospects and the developments in your market in the very sensitive area of your customer relations, which shapes the granularity of your orders. The complexity of these is decisive for the achievable margin. Do all customers pay for themselves or are cross-subsidies in place, putting your business success at risk in the long term?
In order to be able to economise and optimise your processes in production and logistics, knowledge of the orientation of your goals and strategic key figures is vital. Sustainability from investments and creative change can only be achieved through clear strategic concepts.